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fantastic game!

It's a pretty darn fun game. If the Bond films were directed by the Monty Python boys, this would be the result!

A simple, awesome game.  Really found some aspects of it funny.

Hey you! this game is soo lit! check out my gameplay on YouTube:

Funny and Awesome! I really like shooting games so this game was really fun for me. With a trash computer like mine, I was able to run everything without any lag/issues. However there is one thing that made me get lots of lag. The Grenades...yes after using the grenades my computer would get huge lag spike every time I would look in the direction of the smoke left by the grenade. Other than that, everything was AWESOME! I was pretty sad to notice that I couldn't play much further since it was a demo. I still had fun though! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Will you be releasing the music/soundtrack in the game? I love how it sounds like the original Goldeneye N64 music.

At some point yeah,  it's still early development though,


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The creator of this game i need to ask u a serious question when are u gonna make the next game please make a full game next please dont make two games plus add a rpg minigun and silencer pistol also add a driving mission like most spy games and could u add paris russia italy venice china japan africa hawaii and antartica for the last mission and the missions please just please creator of the game plus awesome game!!!!

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snow base. Venice, volcano, London are planned for early access probably steam. I need to make some money now to pay contractors and make an awesome game. We are team if 8 now! Driving and flying mission planned.

Thanks for making a fun game!

loved the video thanks! I'll make those jumps easier next version!


This legit made me live some of my GoldenEye days! It has a quirky, and slapstick humor that makes this great comedy! Plus the voice-acting is just...10/10 Noice! Wouldn't mind doing another video on it!

I'll let the v.o guys know you liked their work! Thanks for the video! 


I really don't know what to say about this game except for I should really sit down and finish it off in one sitting. I really like the cut scene narration, trying to be English eh. lol. 

But overall it's a pretty neat game. 

Good Luck DEVS


Thanks for your feedback! More to come.


Thank's for the comment. I have acutally played this a few times and I have it down on my list to do a much more longer video. I think this weekend may see another video.

I thoroughly playing it thought. 

Good Luck

This is actually pretty good

I cant download the game in the itchio app. Did you check the windows box right next to the name? 



This is pretty fun and surprisingly nostalgic.

Is there a website for future stuff from you guys or for the game? I cant find anything on google. I was also trying to tag you guys on twitter but with no results on google no idea how to do that :(


Hi sparktite,

There's an official page at . The games twitter is @BlueStarGeneral.


Legitimately awesome! Nice humor as well

Fantastic looking game so far. i'm so glad you went with a comedic angle. i hope you make a full version because this was great.