A downloadable game for Windows

The spy who shot me™ is a fun action-packed retro FPS, currently in development by veterans Retro Army Ltd.

Take the roll of super spy Agent7! As he fights against the evil S.C.U.M.

Planned Features

-> Travel the globe,
-> Vehicle action,
-> Crazy Gadgets.
-> 8 Player online deathmatch,
-> Hordes of enemies to combat,
-> Unique run and gun gameplay,
-> Traditional Retro Army humor,
-> Lovely pointy polygons,

"There you are! I've been waiting... I want you to test out this new software we've developed. It's top secret mind you" - Mother

The links below are the latest builds of the game and run on Windows PC.


Downloads are adware/virus/spam free.

Published 77 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsComedy, FPS, Funny, Low-poly, n64, Retro, spy

Install instructions

Unzip the package, and click on the .exe file to run. Exe is Malware and Virus free. You can set your controls and resolutions from the intial start-up window.


FPS_v0.68.zip 40 MB

Development log


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This legit made me live some of my GoldenEye days! It has a quirky, and slapstick humor that makes this great comedy! Plus the voice-acting is just...10/10 Noice! Wouldn't mind doing another video on it!

I really don't know what to say about this game except for I should really sit down and finish it off in one sitting. I really like the cut scene narration, trying to be English eh. lol. 

But overall it's a pretty neat game. 

Good Luck DEVS


This is actually pretty good

I cant download the game in the itchio app. Did you check the windows box right next to the name? 



This is pretty fun and surprisingly nostalgic.

Is there a website for future stuff from you guys or for the game? I cant find anything on google. I was also trying to tag you guys on twitter but with no results on google no idea how to do that :(


Hi sparktite,

There's an official page at http://www.thespywhoshotme.com/ . The games twitter is @BlueStarGeneral.


Legitimately awesome! Nice humor as well

Fantastic looking game so far. i'm so glad you went with a comedic angle. i hope you make a full version because this was great.